For someone that grew up in Lewiston, Maine, I was expecting a much better impersonation of the Montreal Expos PA announcer. Don't get me wrong, it's a hilarious French accent, but still horrible.

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The Montreal Expos ultimately became The Washington Nationals. My first job on television was way up in Plattsburgh NY and I used to go up and cover The Expos.


The greatest thing was their PA announcer, he used to do everything in English AND in French. One time, Ryne Sandburg, who was a great player for The Cubs, and the poor PA announcer couldn't pronounce his name to save his life. '


REEEEN Sanda burger!'


- Tom Caron on watching The Expos at Olympic Stadium

This is the reason that our beloved Sports Insider is rooting for The Washington Nationals with all his heart. They may have moved to Washington 14 years ago but I'm happy to hear TC's loyalty survived the commute to DC.

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