Our Boston Sports Insider got right to the point when it comes to the NFL's stubborn ways as they continue to fight a possible extra week due to the pandemic.

Why not just stretch the thing out? Entertain us through February, March and April!


Have the Super Bowl next Summer! Why not? Just do what you gotta do and make it safe.


I just hope they don't kill the Golden Goose as far as Tuesday Night Football and football every night of the week. Enough is enough.


- Tom Caron on a possible NFL regular season extension

In my opinion, one of the advantages that football has over the other sports when it comes to safety is the schedule itself. A one week delay equals about a 13 day quarantine. There isn't any reason to force more games in during the 5 day incubation period.

I honestly think that there isn't any competitive advantage given OR taken to any team that has an extra week off here and there.

There's no way that the season will end four months later like the NHL and NBA did, and even if it does, SO WHAT!?

I've actually been pleasantly surprised with how smoothly things have gone thus far. You're talking about 1700 players that are not confined to a bubble and they still travel to the host cities for away games no matter how severe the outbreak in that city may be.

As of Sunday after the Pats play, every game on the 2020 schedule has been played.

The next natural move will be a Week 18 and I agree with TC that there's absolutely no problem caused by having one.

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