If you're still in a bit of shock over the departure of TB 12, TC does a great job pointing out the tell tale signs that we as Pats Nation were too in denial to see.

New England Patriots Victory Parade
Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Our Boston Sports Insider TC had the unenviable task of broadcasting an entire show on the subject of current Boston Sports stories last night and one of the lighter moments from that show and ours was a bit of 'I told you so' from Mr. Caron.

Everything he has done and said and everything that Gisele had said, and every post and every Tom VS Time episode, it was all pointing towards this, so we should not be surprised. - Tom Caron

It occurs to me that TC didn't actually say the phrase 'I told you so'.

I guess, much like the constant foreshadowing of the Brady departure, one only hears what they want to hear.

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