Today we talked with Tom Caron, our 'Sports Insider', about Boston dominating sports and The Bruins dominating every opponent. His comments on The B's having a long layoff before The Stanley Cup Final may surprise you.

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I'm not crazy about it. If you look at the last two years, The Stanley Cup Champion went seven games in the previous round. They were the team that didn't get the rest that were rolling right into it.


We've seen in sports over the years, teams have their 'mojo' disrupted by a long layoff. I'm not saying it's going to happen but it's something to keep an eye on. - Tom Caron

This is a rare time in which I DISAGREE with T.C.!

I think The Bruins will benefit greatly from a 9 or 10 day respite of grueling playoff hockey because Zdeno Chara and Chris Wagner badly need to heal recent injuries.

Besides, if San Jose advances as soon as Sunday afternoon, they'll be almost as 'cold and rusty' as The Bruins after nearly a week off.


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