Our Boston Sports Insider was INSIDE Fenway Park for the 'Intersquad Scrimmage' yesterday and said that it was eerily quiet. That may not be the case at today's game.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
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It was QUIET. Today will be interesting, they're going to actually (I don't know if I'm giving away secrets but) today they'll be experimenting with some fake crowd sound in the ballpark so that while they're playing, it's not totally quiet.


- Tom Caron on Fenway Park Audio 'Enhancements'

I'm sure traditionalists will be incensed by even the mere thought of such an indignity.

In other news, Jason Varitek's one game stint as an umpire had everyone that was lucky enough to be at the ballpark in hysterics. I have seen about a half dozen GIFS that show THE CAPTAIN looking like Leslie Nielsen umpiring in the movie The Naked Gun.

Tom Caron's only critique of Tek? It was all about the arm angle. You're supposed to 'punch guys out' with a 45 degree arm angle, not the full 90 degrees!

TC will have his enviable perch high above Fenway once again this afternoon and I can't wait to talk to him again. We actually talked about ACTUAL SPORTS. THAT REALLY HAPPENED!

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