Would you like to get EVEN ANGRIER at MLB's negotiation tug of war? Our Boston Sports Insider has done the math on the actual cash totals being fought for and it's outrageous.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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The easy way to think about is, the owners basically spend an extra 25 million for every game played. So it almost a million a team.


So if you're going to add ten games, that's 250 Million which is certainly less than Trout and Harper and some of the bigger contracts.


Hopefully, they understand the importance and they do what's right for the sport. Just split the difference. And by the 19th or 20th we'll have games.


- Tom Caron on the MLB Negotiations

I've been really annoyed by the players throughout this entire debacle. In my opinion their collective attitudes have been very caustic and counter productive to the overall process of getting a deal done.


I think the owners are starting to shoulder a lot of the blame. When you're quibbling over one million dollars (Dr. Evil voice) per franchise, per team, per game? And the difference is only a tiny fraction of the BILLIONS in value and cash on hand that you have? They need to blink. This ridiculous staring contest has gone on long enough.

I am impressed though that a week ago, TC predicted that 70 games would be the length of this new season and right at this very moment? The number is at 70!

That is why he's our Boston Sports Insider folks!

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