Our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron tells us the best way to endure the 4 hours of intense stress that tonight's Sox/Yanks ALDS Game One Matchup will no doubt provide.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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After doing analysis for 15 plus baseball seasons that have around 19 of these ultra-dramatic 'Greatest Rivalry In All of Sports' showdowns, I'm definitely taking the following advice.

1. Nap

Zonk out for a nice power nap this afternoon and your brain will be refreshed and alert for every full count, foul ball and/or step off the mound to check the runner at first.

2. French Roast Coffee

Drink as much of this as humanly possible.*

* Please consult your Doctor before attempting to ingest multiple gallons of coffee. Also, I don't think Mr. Caron was being serious when he said to take the coffee introvenously.

Thanks to TC for this great advice and thanks to Service Credit Union for making this Post Season Insider happen!

Go Sox!

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