Our Boston Sports Insider called us from Florida today and gave us his perspective on the postponement of the baseball season with an interesting historic point from The Remdawg.

Youth League Baseball on Pitching Mound Close Up
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I was talking to Jerry Remy yesterday and he said the only comparable season to this was 1995, they had a strike, a work stoppage.  And what they did, they had a two week kind of Mini-Spring Training, right before they started playing games.


You won't be able to pick up the schedule where it is on the calendar, if they miss ten games with Toronto by the end of April, they'll have to get those games in with their division rival. They'll have to tweak all that. - Tom Caron on MLB Schedule Suspension

It certainly will be unlike any baseball season that I can recall. Tom also said that he will be flying back home today and will rejoin us next Friday just one day into the possible free agency of TB12.

Everything and nothing all at once!

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