There was much to discuss on today's episode of our 'Sports Insider' and I think TC's summation of the shocking Patrick Chung headline story deserves highlighting.

Train Images
Train Images

He's always been a stand up guy. You know, the kind of guy you want playing on your team. The kind of guy that you think of as a role model.


You've got to go with 'innocent until proven guilty'. The story that it was found in his house up in New Hampshire where they had probable cause to go in. He wasn't there, nobody was there. You gotta wait and see how this plays out.


It's the last thing you'd ever expect to have attached to the name Patrick Chung. Something like that. - Tom Caron

I think that the most interesting part of this incident is that nothing will be solved until NEXT MAY. In a case such as this, The NFL will not issue any kind of punishment until the player is proven to be guilty in a court of law.

Thanks to TC for another insightful look at many different topics today. It certainly was a fast four minutes!

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