After the doom and gloom of last week, all of a sudden the 2020 MLB Season is a reality. Our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron talked about the challenge of having a multi-sport broadcast facility following safety guidelines.

So The Bruins are going to come back, so we're going to have Jack and Brick over in one closet calling the game, and Dave O'Brien and those guys at the other end of the room and then I'll be doing the pregame.


We'll all be crawling all over the place trying not to touch each other.


They have a plan. Everybody has a plan in place. Everybody has to do everything a little bit differently.


- Tom Caron On The Upcoming Challenges of Broadcasting Safely From The Same Building

For the most part TC has spent the last few months working from home so I have to imagine the anxiety of reentering the workplace would have been daunting enough, WITHOUT the prospect of having extra people sharing the same real estate.

Normally the Sox and Bruins broadcasters are at the park or arena. Now to have both teams simultaneously working EVERY SINGLE GAME?

We should have reassured TC that the 'new normal' is just like anything else, you follow the guidelines the best you can and sooner than later everything becomes second nature. It's really not that bad once you get a routine going.

In the meantime, I'm hoping he can get a bootleg recording of The Remdawg, Eck and Jim Rice all trying to communicate through a ZOOM call. Talk about hilarious!

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