Our Boston Sports Insider really spelled it out this morning on how closely related this decision is to an ongoing brouhaha.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
Photo: Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner, basically said yesterday that he's still hoping to get the Red Sox investigation into sign stealing done by camp.


Camp is five or six days away.


My guess is that they'd like to get that news first just before they name the Manager.


If it's someone internal, you want to be absolutely certain that the person named wasn't a part of it. - Tom Caron

With the Mookie/Price trade STILL unsettled, the ongoing investigation into the alleged cheating allegations still up in the air with Spring Training days away and NO MANAGER?

I cannot recall a season of hot stove baseball ever being THIS hot.

Thankfully, we have TC on the inside of this multi-layered hullabaloo and he delivers us the calm insight that Sox fans like me need in these dark times.

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