That is not a typo. In fact, our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron answered this question about who (whom?) will be the Sox manager NEXT YEAR with a percentage chance that surprised us.

Philadelphia Phillies v Boston Red Sox
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I would say 49-51 Roenicke or Alex Cora.


I think until the MLB investigation comes out, and I'm told it's still going to be awhile, another couple of weeks.


I think the door is very much open to Alex Cora returning as manager of this team.


The problem is, they don't even know how long he's going to be suspended for the Houston stuff. Until they know that, they won't make a final decision but I know that they have NOT closed the door. - Tom Caron on 2021 Sox Managerial Possibilities

A better than a coin flip chance that Cora returns next year? If you would have told me that even two weeks ago I'd never have believed it!

Thanks TC!

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