TB12 has been an innocent bystander concerning the shade being thrown at The Patriots during his postseason run, but as our Boston Sports Insider points out, many are guilty of kicking this franchise when it's down.

Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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And when you talk about 'Throwing Shade' when Bruce Arians, the Tampa Bay coach said "He's finally having fun and is allowed to be himself on the field." And that, of course, is pointed exactly in the direction of Foxborough.


If he gets to The Superbowl? Then you're going to get two weeks worth of shade throw that way.


And now. Even Gronk said he wants to play another year!


- Tom Caron on many from the league adding insult to injury towards The New England Patriots

Et tu, Gronky?

The entire sports world was jealous of the greatest dynasty of this century for the entire 18 year run for The Patriots. These kinds of petty insults are to be expected once the mighty have fallen. It's just part of the ultra-competitive business that the NFL is.

What I think is interesting is Tom Caron's 180 degree change in tone towards Brady and his prospects of winning it all.

TC is going with 'his heart' and not 'his brain' as he is now predicting a 'Brady vs. The Bills' match up for Superbowl 55.

Last week, he was completely convinced that this was the end of the road for Brady as The Saints were not only the better team, but previously crushed Tampa in their two previous meetings.

It's going to be one amazing afternoon of football regardless of what happens and ALL OF IT can be heard right here on 102-1 and 105-3 The Shark!

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