Our Boston Sports Insider was in total agreement with my rant that The B's are being ROBBED by this upcoming 'Round Robin' format. He sounds much more eloquent though and you can hear him right here!

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders
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I agree! The format is NOT good for The Bruins. A great season and the best record in the NHL kind of didn't really mean anything in the end.


They'll have to play their way through it. They've got that little 'Round Robin' and worst case scenario is they finish 'Number 4'. You're going to have to play a real good 'Number 5'.


You'd hate to see them lose a spot in the standings based on losing a shootout game or something.


It's strange, they win the President's Trophy (best overall record in the league) but they could be the Number 4 seed. Figure that out.


- TC on the strange 2020 NHL Post Season Tourney

The only thing to figure out is that the B's are gettin' robbed!

Well, if they truly are the best team in the NHL, I guess they'll have to prove it on the ice in July, be that in Columbus Ohio or Las Vegas Nevada.

I feel it was a bad sign that Tom was disappointed by the 'negotiations' that have been ongoing between the MLB Owners and the Players Association.

Through this whole process, TC has assured us that the process will play out within days and we will play able to watch baseball again by The 4th of July.

If you just listen to his tone, above anything else, it sounds like we won't be watching baseball for a looooong time.

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