With The Bruins and The Celtics simultaneously competing in the Playoffs, our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron has a great quote on how this excitement brings back such fond memories from the 80's.

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This is like the old days, I'm old enough to remember the old Boston Garden when it used to rock like this.


We'd have hockey on a Tuesday night, basketball Wednesday, hockey on Thursday and EVERY NIGHT there'd be a great game going on and that's what it feels like right now - Tom Caron


So true! Quickly thinking back through the 80's, The Celtics were in the NBA Finals from 1984 through 1987 as the very competitive Bruins with Cam Neely and Ray Bourque made it to The Final in 1988 and 1990.

These ARE the good old days too with the current double barreled playoff Celts and B's going through the same high pressure contests at THE SAME TIME!

We are so spoiled, it really helps to put this disastrous Red Sox start into perspective.

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