Less than 24 Hours after NESN turned all of New England on its ear with a new logo change, our Sports Insider TC tells us how they rejected his ingenious design.

Train Images
Train Images

I'm upset because I submitted one that was more like a 'TC' than an 'N', but they didn't like that.


The Minnesota Twins logo had already been used, just the 'TC'.

- Tom Caron on The New NESN Logo

When discussing New England Sports Fans and their proclivity to root against The New York Yankees, Mr. Caron takes the high road and elaborates further on their playoff opponent, the Minnesota ball club who shares his initials.

Rocco Baldelli (their manager) is a Rhode Islander and I've known him a really long time.

The Minnesota Twins are such a great story this year, jumping from a non-playoff team to one of the best teams in baseball.

I'm not really rooting against the Yankees like a lot of Sox fans do but I am rooting for The Twins, I think it'll be a lotta fun. - Tom Car0n on the ALDS

I wish I could be that diplomatic. I've been chanting a phrase that rhymes with 'Spanky's Truck' all day!

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