Leave it to our Sports Insider TC to point out a strange parallel between this year and last year with The Bronx Bombers and their post season. Hopefully it continues!

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It's a round later than last year but if you remember the same thing happened. They won Game 1 in Fenway and then The Yankees never won another game.


You've got a very similar thing happening here. Now The Astros have come back and completely taken over the series.


What is it? 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Well, tonight we're all Astros friends.

Leave it to TC to quote a proverb from the 4th Century BC!

I don't know nothing about The Arthashastra, but I do know this, I can't stand The New York Yankees and hopefully last year's pattern repeats itself tonight!

With Justin Verlander on the mound for Houston with four days rest, I can only hope that this trend continues!

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