It may be mid-June and they may be a game out of post season contention but our Sports Insider Tom Caron will tell you why this Sox team is a nightmare for anyone facing them in October.

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Train Images

Here's what I can say about The Red Sox. They get into the Wild Card round, they're still going to be a tough draw for ANYBODY.


If you think about the bullpen, you remember what they did, they had Eovaldi in relief, they had Sale closing out the final game of The World Series.


That can do that in the playoffs and really become a formidable team and they HAVE done that in the playoffs. You just got to get there, they HAVE to get there. Whatever it takes. - Tom Caron

Even though this Sox season has fallen WAY short of expectations, keep in mind they still have 92 games remaining on their schedule and are still in a dead heat with 6 other teams for postseason contention.


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