I really don't see Bill Belichick as a guy that would see the humor in a prank like this. When you add the embarrassment of having to coach the Pro Bowl on top of it? It's downright cringeworthy.

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots
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This prank story begins a minute and a half into today's Sports Insider. It all took place in Hawaii at The Pro Bowl Team Dinner in 2006.

Ex-Pats Left Tackle Matt Light informed Ex-Pats Safety Brandon Meriwether that it's a Pro Bowl tradition that the Head Coach pays for everyone's drink tab at this event.

(Not true.)

Meriwether dutifully walked up to Belichick and handed him a bar tab which must have been in the tens of thousands.

Hilarity ensued.

Adding insult to injury, the job of coaching The Pro Bowl is a prank in and of itself.

You get that gig when your team LOSES the Conference Championship game.

The island that Belichick wanted to be on at the time (Nantucket) is over 5 thousand miles away from Oahu. Now, slap on a hefty booze invoice on top of that revolting situation.

UGH. Poor Bill.


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