Our Sports Insider Tom Caron left us with no doubt as to who he thinks will win 'The Big Game' on Sunday and did so by outlining his favorite 'long weekend tradition' in Boston.

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'Sunday would be the Super Bowl, Monday night is the Beanpot (College Hockey Tourney) here in Boston which is a really fun night and then Tuesday should be the parade.' - Tom Caron

I write the following with total admiration and respect.

How wonderfully arrogant and obnoxious a statement is that?


Anybody outside of the 6 New England States would listen to that statement and shake their fist towards the Northeast section of the country with an unfathomable rage. To SCHEDULE a celebratory championship parade EVERY YEAR as a tradition?

Other teams have gotten flak for scheduling a parade THE ONE TIME that they win a conference championship. New England? Just put it in ink on the calendar!


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