Things I did not have on my 2020 bingo card was permission for flying cars being signed into law in New Hampshire.  Okay, it’s not exactly ‘The Jetsons’ but maybe it is?  According to an article from the, Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill into law on Tuesday that states “all roadable aircraft shall be required to take off and land from a suitable airstrip and shall be prohibited from taking off and landing from any public roadway unless under conditions of an emergency.”  So, I guess my new flying car can’t take me to Market Basket, or to work, or to my apartment unless they have a landing strip.


You may ask, why now?  Well, several companies are working on prototypes for flying cars.  One company, China owned Terrafugia has been testing a vehicle out of New Hampshire’s Nashua Airport.  Yet another company according to is testing one out of Manchester-Boston Regional airport.  The one being tested out Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is more like a hybrid of a gyrocopter and a car.  The vehicle testing out of New Hampshire’s Nashua Airport has folding wings.  Let me know if you see anything weird flying in the sky over New Hampshire.

The Dutch company testing out its “PAL-V” could get full certification as early as 2021 so maybe this is a timely bill. reports that State Rep. Sherman Packard said “there was nothing on the books that would have allowed this type of vehicle on the road” in an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio.  Maybe this New Hampshire law will bring the manufacturing of these “flying cars” to New Hampshire?  The bill was proposed in order to pave the way for rules in case these vehicles become more accessible to the public.  I just checked my bank account and I do not have extra cash for a flying car.


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