Despite my best efforts, this fact remains. Do you live in a 'Gambling Addicted State'? Check out WalletHub's latest findings right here.

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Rhode Island is 20th!

Our smallest representative has the LARGEST appetite for gambling!

I would have guessed this because of the new sports gambling laws that have created quite a boon for 'The Ocean State'. They have earned a '15' score overall in the category of 'Gambling Friendliness'.

Source: WalletHub

I enjoy this study every year. It's a tradition that coincides with The Kentucky Derby.

Since the rapid expansion of Sports Gambling in the aforementioned Rhodey, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and EVEN New Mexico!?
I always get paranoid that my home away from home 'Nevada' will be replaced as the pinnacle for Gambling. Alas, I can breathe easy for another 364 days.

Not only does 'The Silver State' have the most casinos per capita, they have the most gambling machines as well.

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