According to a story from WMUR, an ice rink in Rhode Island is offering bumper cars on ice.  Check out their Instagram:

This just seems like something that I would love to do.  I love ice skating, although I can't do it well and I realize that I'm getting older.  Not that I'm afraid of breaking a hip yet, but if I fall, I might break something, so I'd like to avoid that.  Bumper cars on ice seems totally safe.

Ice skating / rolling skating can be dangerous!  Especially if you're one of two grown up's at an all ages skate at Happy Wheels in Portland.  Yeah, that didn't go so well.  My friend Shannon invited me to go and it seemed like a great idea at the time.  A cheap night out and I didn't have to worry about getting an Uber for the ride home because I wasn't drinking that night, just skating.  "All ages" really means kids from 12 - 14.  Tweens, as they are called.  The two of us were clearly the only adults on the rink.  There were adults, but they didn't have any skates on.  Anyhoo, after about 10 minutes of trying my best at going around the rink, 3 very fast aforementioned tweens smashed in to me, sending me flying to the ground, directly on my coccyx.  Thank God it wasn't broken.  We need our coccyx intact and unharmed at all times.

Anyway, I'm in for Bumper Cars on Ice.  Sounds wicked fun!  But the "all ages" thing?  You've been warned.  Maybe you're coccyx won't be so lucky.


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