We like to think we're super sneaky and smart when it comes to hiding valuables or other items of importance like documents, jewelry, and even cold, hard, cash. Not everyone has a big, heavy safe in their home, and lock boxes at banks are generally for things you don't have to get to often.

Most of us around New England have favorite hiding places in our homes for valuables, and with older homes in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, those nooks and crannies (as well as cellars and attics) are pretty nice to have. However, most of us all hide items in the same places, usually for convenience.

Unfortunately, burglars know the game, because that's part of their bread and butter in life. So here are some top spots burglars always look when breaking into homes, according to Reader's Digest.

First Place Burglars Go

Let's start with the first place, and that's under mattresses. A beeline to bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, is top of mind when burglars search for hidden valuables. From jewelry to extra cash or even weapons and prescriptions, it may feel like the perfect place, but it's the oldest trick in the thief handbook.

After they've flipped your mattress, it's on to the nooks, crannies, and high shelves in closets, as well as that chest or drawers or armoire in your bedroom. If you want to hide items in these places, then clearly label them with something like "book club lists" or "baby pictures", according to Reader's Digest. You can also hide items in a bright pair of socks or the toes of boots or shoes, which take longer to sort through for a thief who's in a hurry to get in and out.

Your medicine cabinet is a first stop as well, so according to Reader's Digest, prescription bottles are hiding place no-nos, since thieves can sell drugs or may want to use them themselves.

This goes for empty liquor and wine bottles, too.

Not All Safes Are Created Equal

This probably goes without saying, but a small, portable safe may keep your children out, but a burglar will just take the whole thing, so those are useless from thieves once found.


The freezer is a go-to for thieves, but they most likely won't dig through every item. So if you want to hide anything in there, then put the valuables in an old frozen blueberry bag, for example.

Just say no to the cookie jar as well.


Suitcases used to seem like the perfect place, but burglars are onto that now. While it may be a good place to hide gifts for your family, thieves will open them up in a heartbeat.

Desk Drawers

Just like in your bedroom, drawers are an easy go-to for burglars to do a quick rummage, so avoid them all.

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