I honor of the 'Great-American Solar Eclipse' happening on Monday, here are my remembrances of the near totality event that shadowed NH over 23 years ago.


It was the Spring of '94 and a magical time indeed! Actually, the only 'time' I cared about back then was getting a tee time and my buddies and I ended up playing at Exeter Country Club late that Tuesday afternoon.

Train Images

BEHOLD! This is the 'Solar Eclipse Viewer' that I purchased for $1 at the local camera shop. It still works great!

The address on it may say Michigan but it was bought on North Main Street in Rochester, back when the idea of using your phone to take a hi def photo was as incredulous as the night sky at noontime.

My expectation of the eclipse was WAY TOO HIGH. I was psyched when the weather was predicted to be clear all day for this once in a lifetime experience.

Honestly, when the peak of totality occurred, the daylight looked like a summer's day with thin high clouds. My expectations of seeing constellations in the mid-afternoon Rockingham County sky had been dashed. But it was still a day that I'll never forget.

That camera shop is long gone, but the viewer I bought there will finally become a 2 for 1 purchase on Monday and I can't wait!