They're so beautiful to look at when driving around our quaint New England towns like Kennebunk, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Whether it's homes or apartment building windows in Boston or Portland, this is just another perfect way to decorate for the holidays. Lights and decorations in general definitely make chilly days and nights feel so much warmer, comfy, and even peaceful.

However, like most traditions, there's usually some history involved with the original meanings, and with candles in the windows, it all started in New England.

Number One

According to the Love to Know website, it's all about remembrance and love. A beacon for those family members who were away.

It started with colonial families who put a candle in their window when a family member was away. So it originally had nothing to do with the holiday season. Communication was by snail mail and messengers, and along with unreliable transportation, who knew when the family member would return or even where they were?

Number Two

Another reason was to welcome weary travelers, according to Love to Know. A candle in the window was like a welcome mat inviting travelers to stop for a bite to eat and a place to spend the night.

Number Three

According to Wide Open Country, a candle in the window way back when to the present is a tradition honoring a deceased loved one. The glow symbolizes light and love continuing to shine, especially during the holiday season.

Number Four

Then there are the religious reasons for many. According to Wide Open Country, Christians light a candle to represent the Star of Bethlehem guiding the wise men to the manger where Jesus was born, or symbolizing the light of Christ or God's presence in their home.

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