According to their news director, the goal is to break the barrier between studio and viewer.

NECN, or New England Cable News recently made a slight change to their on air lineup, and it had nothing to do with personel. Recently, male reporters in studio have done away with the tie, a longtime staple of reporting attire. According to, this was implemented by NECN news director Ben Dobson, who told the website “We want to reflect our audience, and the tie is a barrier between us and the audience.” It’s a piece of cloth, and if we can remove that, and reflect our audience better than we are now, we think it’s a more comfortable viewing experience.”

While many viewers are fans, others have been less impressed. reported that other NBC-owned stations in the region, including NBC10 Boston and Telemundo, plan to adopt the same dress code. Audrey Mansfield, visual stylist for NBC-owned stations said while "anchors are still mostly buttoned-up in the studio, out in the field, a tailored suit and tie or a brightly colored dress often looks incongruous; jeans and a sweater might feel more tonally appropriate."


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