In my opinion, it's hard to beat the beauty of summer in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. From the coastline, to the lakes of The Granite State, to the natural wonder of Maine. Heck...Maine has "Vacationland" emblazoned on the license plate. You can't just stick that on a license plate all willy-nilly unless you can back it up.

So I was really interested to see this survey by Wallethub about the best and worst place for a summer road trip. They ranked each state from the best place to the worst, based on 31 key metrics...including stuff like the quality of the roads to the shoreline and scenery.

According to Wallethub, the best state for a road trip is Wyoming. Wyoming? I don't even know if I could find Wyoming on the map! Of course I'm joking. But my point is...who goes to Wyoming? And why would they? It's landlocked and it's dry and dusty.

North Carolina came in second. OK...I get that. I've vacationed in North Carolina dozens and dozens of times. The beaches are my favorite in the entire country.  If they had surveyed me...I'd have voted North Carolina numero uno.

Source: WalletHub

So lets fast forward a little. How did New England do? Well...not so great overall. Maine did the best at number 16. Vacationland ranked second for safety. But for activities, and cost, came in 32.

New Hampshire took 24th place. Scoring even lower than Maine for safety and activities. Massachusetts was right behind New Hampshire. And Vermont came in at a lowly overall score of 32nd.

OK so tourists aren't dying to take a road trip through New England. Whatever. We still have the best lobster rolls ever. And I might ad...we aren't boring like Wyoming! Just sayin'.


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