Well, this is disappointing. I'd like to think of the New England states as Foodie states, but apparently, we are not so much when it comes to BBQ.

According to Zippia.com, the state that loves their BBQ this most is Montana.  I can understand that.  There's a lot of cattle in that state, but that's not one of the criteria that they chose.  They had two primary ways - 1)  BBQ places per capita and 2)  how much they searched for Brisket, ribs, BBQ, and BBQ sauce.  Second on the list is Kansas, followed by Missouri.

New England though.... FUGGETABOUTIT!  At the bottom of the list!  New Hampshire came in at #40, Maine at 42 and Massachusetts came in at 49!  Massachusetts needs to step up their beef game, amirite?

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