Do we need another music venue?  We absolutely do when it's as wickedly rockin' as the Roadrunner in Boston Landing, part of The Boston Bowery Presents which operates a couple of other venues in Boston and Providence.

Look how cool this is.  It holds 3500 music fans, making it the largest general admission music venue in New England according to the Roadrunner.

And general admission only venues are such a unique way to see shows, as you may know.  This is because they tend to be more intimate, so you can move around, mingle, and make new friends. It's basically like a super-sized party.

Also, tickets tend to be less expensive, so that's an incredible plus.

Just looking at these photos, I'm seeing a total cave-like-super-cool-wear-your-sunglasses-at-night vibe because we're all sitting at the cool kids table at the Roadrunner.

According to Boston Magazine, this minimalist design has splashes of painted artwork on a few walls from Boston artist Felipe Ortiz, a poured concrete flooring, and jet-black wraparound balconies.

There is a VIP section and some premium seating, which the Roadrunner says they will use on a show-by-show basis.

Being in the music industry, my experience with these areas is usually invite only by the artist or band, and often includes record companies and radio stations.  They're known, though, to sell more expensive tickets if you're looking for an upgrade from the masses sometimes.

And of course the sound better be killer since this is a new venue, and according to Boston Magazine, it is with subwoofers in the floor. Seriously, are you kidding me? Plus, strategically-placed speakers in upper balconies allows the crisp sound to carry no matter where you are.

All your concert info for the Roadrunner is right here.

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