It's not news that people curse. Curse words have become normal vocabulary that can be used in good, bad, or neutral situations. Heck, we can even be talking to ourselves and curse during that conversation. Yes, at a young age we learned swearing "is bad," but, it is really bad?

I honestly believe that everyone knows when and where they should not swear, for instance around young children. What made swear words such a bad thing, especially when some can be used multiple times in a sentence? Let's be honest, some of us swear a lot more than others. New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents are definitely not the worst when it comes to swearing (though some may argue otherwise).

In a study conducted by Word Tips, one New England state takes the (top) 10th spot as the state that swears the most. Maine was the only state in New England to be in the top 10, meaning that both New Hampshire and Massachusetts actually swear less.

To find out which swear words are most popular across the U.S., Word Tips analyzed tweets from each state. They focused on the most commonly used curse words as well as variations of them and matched them with the tweet's location to see which state uses the profane language the most.

According to Word Tips, Maine residents swore 36 times per 1000 posts, Massachusetts was not far behind swearing 34 times, while New Hampshire swore only 30 times.

It appears that New Hampshire and Massachusetts beat to their own drum. Word Tips states that the curse words that both these states favor was seen mostly in the West Coast, rather than the East (and according to the study, they are the ONLY states on the East Coast that favor this word).

However, the curse word that was seen to be used the most in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts is a versatile profanity that really is popular all over the world, and was in fact the most popular curse word online).

To give you a better idea of exactly what word this is, here are some stats.

This word was used:

  • 506 times in "Wolf of Wall Street"
  • 265 times in "Pulp Fiction"
  • 84 times in "Deadpool"

You may honestly text a variation of this word often, "wtf," "stfu", etc. Or, you may text it after you were trying to write it out, to begin with, and your phone decided to autocorrect it to "duck" (no one ever really means to write "duck").

Honestly, I am pretty sure that I do not need to type out what this word is, as I am sure that you have figured it out by now.

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