After the latest NH Drought Map Update was released this morning, my jaw hit the floor in utter disbelief of the continued abnormal dryness.

For those of you whose entire existence hinges upon Thursday mornings and the release of the latest drought report, you'll will notice a SLIGHT difference between this week and last week.

Only forty percent of our fine State is now besieged with the alarming highlight yellow color of dryness. Last week, it was closer to fifty percent, so, slowly and surely, things are getting better. (Wetter?)

I, for one, am still skeptical that the entirety of Carroll County is still categorized as dry. The beautiful Seven Lakes region, not to mention, Lake Winnipesaukee, all abnormally dry?

For those of you who are fans of my Microsoft Paint illustrations, I refuse to etch any digital ink on these blotches until the shape of the region drastically changes.

For weeks now, any drawing that I do looks downright obscene.

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