New Hampshire making several Top 10 lists in 2021 is not a shocker.

After all, most of us live in New England for a reason, and choosing New Hampshire is no exception. From skiing to clam chowder, and our easy access to mountains and the beach, plus a city fix in Boston, we're pretty perfect, don't you think?

Here are five top 10 lists that New Hampshire made in 2021, and why we're consistently at the cool kid's table.

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1) Most Educated State

New England is Ivy League central, of course, so New Hampshire routinely makes the top 10 list in the most educated states in the country.

And this year, 2021, is no exception.

As a matter of fact, Wallet Hub, confirms New Hampshire is #8 this year. And yes, the Granite State does have its own Ivy League school in Dartmouth. Plus, there's a bunch of other great colleges and universities, not to mention the public and private schools kids can attend.

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2) Best State to Retire

Just think, we never have to move because we're already here.

A ranking of the best states to retire in 2021 from Wallet Hub puts New Hampshire at #10. While Wallet Hub has the Granite State ranked 10 overall, we're actually #1 when it comes to quality of life while we're #9 for health care.

It's those two metrics that tipped us into the top 10.

But really, can we talk about how everything you could want is here? From gorgeous homes to all the seasons, to the wonderful communities and activities, it's really the perfect place to simply live and enjoy.

3) Best Ski Town

Nestled in our picture-perfect New Hampshire White Mountains, North Conway made the top 10 list for several reasons, according to USA Today.

First of all, the ranking highlights that North Conway is within a half-hour drive of more than a dozen alpine and Nordic ski resorts as well as snowmobiling, dog sledding, sleigh rides, ice skating, and more in our pint-sized state.

Plus, exploring the pastel-colored Victorian architecture just oozes New England charm.

The Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center is right there so what a perfect and unique rest day from skiing.

4) Most Scenic Drive

Let's stay in our White Mountains for this one from the renowned Travel and Leisure magazine, because to absolutely no one's surprise, New Hampshire's 36-mile Kancamagus Highway is a must, and it attracts visitors from around the world in the fall.

From maples, alder, and birch trees filling the land with incredible autumn color to the yellow violets and wood anemone in the spring, this deserves a top 10 spot.

PS: There's that half-mile hike to Sabbaday Falls, near Waterville with a breathtaking 3-tiered waterfall.

5) Best Clam Chowder 

And to Portsmouth we go, where we know most New England clam chowders are pretty neck-in-neck.

However, this three-time winner of Portsmouth’s Chowder Festival definitely prevails, making Jet Setter magazine's top 10 in the country.

The River House chowder is packed with lobster, scallops, shrimp, clams, and haddock.  But it doesn't end there because this is New England. It's served with a four-inch Maine lobster roll on a grilled Brioche bun.

Plus, we're pretty sure that's not the only spot for great clam chowder. Classic New Hampshire means incredible finds all around, and that includes clam chowder.

Ok, it's your turn.  What other lists did New Hampshire make for 2021, or should have made?

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