It's the sport that belongs to New England moreso than any other, Candlepin Bowling. Do you know how your all time best score stacks up to the New Hampshire state record?

Train Images
Train Images

240 Single High String - Gerry Montminy - Londonderry Bowling Center


For anyone that's the least bit familiar with this game, you know how frustratingly difficult it is to post a decent score. Even with three attempts each frame.

I honestly think that's why today's Shark Morning Show question on Facebook 'What's Your All Time High Single?' had the overwhelming response that it did.

The rarity of getting into a candlepin zone while getting some lucky bounces or nicely placed deadwood, over and over again? That's the kind of memory that stays with you forever.

202 Single High String - The Shark's Facebook Friend Record - Tie

Scott Bornstein & Fred Ruanolo

Very impressive!

Keep in mind, this means they knocked down over two thirds of the available pins. These are the same pins that you can hit flush and they'll chop right through without taking any other pin with them. It can be an evil, evil game.

121 Single High String - Train's Record

Did you really think I'd write an article like this without bragging about my own high score? It was at the now defunct Bowl-Away Lanes in Rochester about twenty years ago.I went from hoping that I'd hit 100 to throwing a ten fill in the last frame in what seemed like an instant. Ah, it was grand.

The World Record (or New England Record) is 245 and is also a tie between two men, Chris Sargent and Ralph Semb.

Keep on rolling Shark nation, records are made to be broken!

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