There are infinite reasons to love the holidays. Among the top 5 of many would be Christmas candy. Less predictable than Valentine's Day candy, and not as bulky as Halloween candy, this season brings a fresh wave of cold air, and possibly snow to go along with the treats. That's why New Hampshire favorite Christmas candy may surprise you.

Then again, if you enjoy a burst of peppermint this time of year, you're right on target. According to, Candy Canes are the most popular candy in the Granite State. The evil Reese's Minis are a runner-up, followed by Skittles. I don't know, Skittles seems like an odd choice. Seems like SOMETHING with caramel would come up with a podium finish.

At last we're not actually eating Santa. Maine, we're looking at you on this one. Chocolate Santas are the third most popular Christmas candy. Hmmmmm.

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