The local author, and "King of Horror," has a number of scary tales that fit the bill but only one made the cut.

According to Decluttr, an online service dedicated to selling your CDs, DVDs, and games, New Hampshire's favorite horror flick is Stephen King's 'IT.' That's right, the classic adaptation of King's 1986 supernatural clown killer book spooks us the most.


Decluttr came to this conclusion using their data of which movies are being sold the most and from where. They figure, because people are selling these movies the most, it means they're too scared to hold on to them. Take it with a grain of salt.

Either way, it doesn't negate the fact that 'IT' is really scary and still makes me shutter to this day. Can't wait to NOT see the 2017 re-boot. 

As for the other states, here's a full list from Decluttr:

State Movie
Alaska The Exorcist
Alabama The Evil Dead
Arkansas IT
Arizona Friday the 13th
California The Shining
Colorado Hannibal
Connecticut Identity
Delaware Blade
Florida The Conjuring
Georgia A Nightmare on Elm Street
Hawaii The Hills Have Eyes
Iowa The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Idaho The Others
Illinois Poltergeist
Indiana A Nightmare on Elm Street
Kansas Wrong Turn
Kentucky The Exorcist
Louisiana Dark Water
Massachusetts The Ring
Maryland Hostel
Maine The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Michigan 28 Days Later
Minnesota Secret Window
Missouri Sinister
Mississippi The Conjuring
Montana 28 Days Later
North Carolina Wrong Turn
North Dakota The Evil Dead
Nebraska Friday the 13th
New Hampshire IT
New Jersey The Grudge
New Mexico The Conjuring
Nevada Hannibal
New York The Grudge
Ohio The Ring
Oklahoma Poltergeist
Oregon The Grudge
Pennsylvania Blade 2
Rhode Island Wolf Creek
South Carolina Unborn
South Dakota IT
Tennessee The Exorcist
Texas The Ring
Utah The Shining
Virginia Silence of the Lambs
Vermont Sinister
Washington Friday the 13th
Wisconsin Identity
West Virginia The Others
Wyoming Friday the 13th