Lee is the new home of the "most funky bookstore" as cited in an article from Seacoast Online.  

The article says that Avenue Victor Hugo Books on Newbury Street in Boston had to pack up and leave after the rent went up from $12,000 per month to $25,000 back in 2004.  The book store has re-surfaced in Lee, NH where the owners Vincent McCaffrey, his wife, Thais Coburn now live.  They have taken up shop in a barn on their property where they don't have to pay wicked high rent and the parking is plentiful and free.

I am a fan of books, actual books.  It's great that you can get books on a tablet or other digital media, but there's something about an actual book that I prefer and I'm not alone.  Here at work, there are several people who read books regularly and we ALL have the physical copy, not a digital version.  Besides, there's nothing like browsing in a bookstore.  I've discovered so many things that I wouldn't have normally have found.

I wish them all the best.  Lee is on my way home, so I'm sure I'll pop in!

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