I used Northern New England slang in the headline because the horror movie's setting is still, thankfully, deep in the Maine woods. The classic Stephen King novel based reboot looks even more terrifying than the 1989 version.

If you drive north on Route 95 until you're ready to lose your mind, drive another hour northwest and you'll be in Ludlow, Maine.

These are the closest geographical coordinates to where the Creed family encounters unimaginable terror in 'Pet Sematary' (2019).

I've always admired the late actor Fred Gwynne, yet his fake Maine accent when he portrayed Jud Crandall in the 1989 rendition, made me cringe even more than his grisly death scene.

This trailer features a great deal of John Lithgow as Crandall and his accent is non-existent which (IMHO) is a much better option.

I assumed that this movie would be out for a perfectly timed Halloween run, yet, it's not going to be in theaters until April. (The 2019 that I kept seeing should have tipped me off but I thought that it meant this movie was set in the very near future.)

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