Dunkin' has 2 kinds of coffee flavored Post Cereal now AND Aroma Joe's is adding an interesting new food choice to their menu?

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Not only did Dunkin' put forth the 'Mocha Latte' cereal but also a 'Caramel Macchiato' flavor. For those of you that are interested (and who isn't?) a full review of BOTH flavors will happen on tomorrow's edition of 'Time For Food' on The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train at approximately 6:50PM.

It will feature guest food critic 'Jodi from Accounting' who is a great culinary expert and I base that solely upon the fact that she makes awesome soups, american chop sueys and shepherd's pies.

As an ardent fan of both Aroma Joe's and hot potatoes, this addition to their menu has thrown my mind into obsessive mode.

Dunkin' came out with their own nugget style hash browns in 2016 (don't quote me on the year, but I think that's correct) and whenever I'm offered them at the Drive Thru, I always enthusiastically say YES!

It'll be interesting to taste how similar (or different) the AJ's take will be in comparison to the Dunks version.

One thing that jumps out at me is the Heinz 'Dip & Squeeze' ketchup packet that Aroma Joe's offers with your order. That is the champagne of ketchup and the optimum delivery system as well.

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