The 'Iron Horse Pub' is the latest restaurant to try and make a go of it in the former train station.

Credit Iron Horse Pub FB Page
Credit Iron Horse Pub FB Page

The new owners are hoping to re-connect to the days when Station 319 was in the space of the train station that was built in 1886.

According to a report at, The Iron Horse Pub had a soft opening on Friday night and are welcoming suggestions for the menu.

Including the patio overlooking the train tracks and restored mill buildings, they have seating for 72.  Manager Mark Baty said the separation between the bar and the dining room is a nice option for families as well as bar patrons, but the happy hour specials extend to the dining room as well.

For those of us who spent a few wonderful nights having 'train wrecks' at the old 319, here's hoping the Iron Horse is around for a while.

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