What do you want to do to relieve stress, have some fun, meet new people, and enjoy live music or a killer DJ spinning the ones and twos?  It's always fun when a new place opens up where we can go and let loose, and that's happening in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

It's called Rumors Sports Bar and Billiards at 22 North Main Street, and it popped up on Instagram. This place is so much more than just watching sports and shooting pool.

Yes, it's a sports bar, because you can totally enjoying watching games and sporting events on television while knocking back your favorite drink and eating your favorite bar fare.

However, you can also play a bunch of indoor games anytime you want.  Rumors of course has plenty of pool tables. After all, the word 'billiards' is in the name.  However, upon further investigation, Rumors has quite the array of games for literally everyone.

Rumors NH via Instagram
Rumors NH via Instagram

There's candlepin bowling, which is a unique twist on regular bowling popular around the country.  In case you're new to New England, candlepin is primarily played here and in Canada, with a handheld-sized ball and tall, narrow pins.  It's so much fun!  And Rumors says it plans to have glow bowl as well.

If you get tired of beating your friends at candlepin, or losing to them, then move on to darts.  I've personally never been good at darts, but isn't the fun really about an incredible environment with family and friends?

Live music or a DJ will play a big role at Rumors, which is not too common at sports bars.

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