The next phase of COVID-19 vaccines, Phase 2A, could be as soon as the end of March, according to a report from WMUR.

This phase includes teachers or if you work in child care, you will be eligible to get the vaccine.

The report quotes Perry Plummer as saying:

We're on track to finish up 1B in March and then move on to 2A, which would be the end of March or the beginning of April.

There have been problems with the federal VAMS website to register for the vaccine and the State has received hundreds of complaints, so they are moving away from that system, Plummer said, as did Governor Chris Sununu.

The State is currently working on a state run registration website that should streamline the process in a much easier way.

As I said to the Governor, once again, the older generation paves the way for the younger generation.

The vaccine website at specifically states if you are K-12 teacher or staff, you are eligible for the vaccine.  If you are a professor at UNH or another college, you would not qualify based solely on that.

There will be a public announcement when the next phase begins, so until then, keep your mask on, bub.  We will let you know what's happening.

Regarding masks, did you hear Dr. Fauci say that we may be wearing masks in 2022 to protect against COVID-19?  No, me either.  I didn't just read that in an article from CNN.


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