Nobody I've talked to was surprised about this, but everyone was very proud! Can you guess which other New England state loves bacon more than we do?



According to Zippia, New Hampshire's love of bacon can be ascertained by checking out thousands of Instagram food pics. If a particular pic has bacon in it, it gets highlighted, and at the end of it all, the tally of bacon pics based on per capita is how they determine each state's bacon love quotient.

To be frank, I think this methodology is just a pig in a poke! Wakka Wakka.

Connecticut is the highest ranking bacon loving state in New England as they ranked a very impressive 5th place.

My Uncle lived there for 30 years and not once did I ever think to ask him about Nutmeg, but I'll definitely ask him about the predominance of bacon on the menu during his time there.

I was very surprised to find out that Sarah and her household consistently consume at least a pound of bacon each weekend! She fries up about a half pound on both Saturdays and Sundays.

I'm ashamed to say my bacon consumption rate isn't quite as strong. I usually have the "Cooks In 2 Minutes" precooked variety in my freezer and will mix in slices on a home made breakfast sandwich or a chef salad.

Also I have to adapt Sarah's grease disposal method of waiting for it to congeal in a ramakin, my strange actions of pouring it into a paper towel ball inside a paper bag inside a plastic bag then put into the freezer is way too high maintenance.

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