Can this guy be stopped?  I say NO!

Bobby Marcotte, Chef at the Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond and the owner of the Hop + Grind and the Rise + Grind in Durham has been on television several times with Guy Fieri.  Now, Bobby is going international.  Bobby is going to compete in Canada on one of their shows, according to his Facebook page.

Canada has cool cooking competition shows too

On the Food Network, there is a show called Fire Masters and it looks really cool!  The name says it all.  Competitors cook with FIRE and that's what Bobby does BEST!

When Can I See Bobby Compete?

Well, we don't know that yet.  According to the Facebook post, we have to wait to hear about exactly WHEN we can see Bobby compete on TV.  Again.  Will he win this time?  I sure hope so!  Last time Bobby was on TV, he lost a Steakhouse challenge to a woman who made cauliflower steaks.  He's probably got something to prove.

What Can You Cook on the Grill Besides Steak?

ANYTHING.  Think of it as another oven.  How do you make a cake in a regular oven?  Mix, pour, bake.  Same thing with a grill.  I will say, however, if you cook a cake in a grill, it may have a different taste to it depending on what you use to heat the thing.  That taste may or may not work with what kind of cake you are making.

If you haven't seen Fire Masters, check out this trailer from YouTube:

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