Looks like you won't be getting a cleaning anytime soon and the extension of this non-emergency Dental suspension makes perfect sense.

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There is no reason to take matters in you own hands like the foolish, yet eye catching image above is showing.

In fact, as this WMUR-TV report explains, Dental offices will continue to serve Emergency patients.

All of our Dentists are being told you still need to see your emergency patients.


Our biggest goal right now is to keep the emergency patients going to the dentist offices and NOT going to the hospitals.


Those hospitals are just way overburdened right now. - Michael Auerbach - Director NH Dental Society

Even though my next appointment isn't until July, and this current extension runs only until May 4th, I can't help wonder if even that appointment will be canceled.

It's really overwhelming when you think of how this pandemic has drastically affected the everyday life of virtually every member of the medical community.

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