Nobody obsesses over the NH Drought Map quite like I do. Since there isn't a drop of rain predicted in the next 6 days, I'm starting to freak out already. Bring on the ketchup! with Train Studios CGI with Train Studios CGI

With a slight breach of etiquette and protocol, I have completely rocketed past the earthy taupe of 'Moderate Drought', by rocketing a gigantic orange at the map, that appears to be headed for Belknap County.

Orange, of course, is the official color of Severe Drought.

It took just one week for a small yellow square of abnormal dryness to nearly quadruple in size and engulf the state. Only Coos County has been spared from this cruel fate.

If you'll notice, the ominous question (that is asked in 'Sunkist' label green) is simply one word , "July?". As you look above the orange, you'll see the slow descent of 'Extreme Drought' represented by a ketchup bottle. The label is inverted and clearly reads 'AUG'.

Tie it all together and it can only mean one thing. If the summer continues on this path, the drought that is on it's way will be intense.

New Drought Maps

Just to give you a little perspective and a lesson on recent history, just 4 summers ago, the entire Seacoast of NH was in EXTREME DROUGHT. So, don't think for one minute that it can't happen again.

If my decades of drought obsession has taught me anything, it's that no drought map can ever be predicted, but if I had to speculate, I'd say that the western part of the state will be the first to turn red this year.

The ketchup bottle points the way!

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