I was hoping that today's update of the NH Drought Monitor map would show at least some evidence that southern half of the state received some rain last week. Alas, it has not.


When I first saw today's map, I envisioned a face that was caked with dry burning desert sand. I reminded me of Martin Short in The Three Amigos after he attempts to drink from his dirt filled canteen.

As you can see in an effort to try to help the situation, I drew a gigantic pitcher of cold, clean refreshing water about to drench Sullivan County and the surrounding areas.

It just occurred to me that the data used to update each week's monitor is tabulated early Tuesday morning. This was BEFORE any heavy rains hit from the storm.

When I drove in yesterday morning, there were still some small puddles remaining and that was in Strafford County, an area that wasn't supposed to see anything precipitous compared to our western counties.

I have to think that the updated info tabulated on this upcoming Tuesday will make the map look quite different. Almost as if the imaginary pitcher that I drew ACTUALLY poured out some water.

Gardens in the Granite State are in serious need of rainfall and there isn't any in sight, the next week shows absolutely nothing other than a stray T-storm here or there.

I guess if my imaginary pitcher is magical enough to make water defy gravity (seriously look at the handle, very shoddy artistry by yours truly) then maybe it'll be magical to pour some real water on the part of the state that has none in it's forecast.

We can only hope!

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