The news just came out minutes ago, for the first time since the disastrous Summer of 2016, NH is finally DROUGHT FREE! Once again I goofed on the latest map which looks to me like the state is celebrating. with artwork from Train Images with artwork from Train Images

Let's take a closer look at the southern portion of the map for my artistic 'enhancements'.

The yellow areas of NH that still are deemed 'Abnormally Dry' look just like the outstretched arms of a state that is victorious in surviving a record drought.

I have turned it into a sweet 'Live Free Or Dry' t-shirt and have our beloved state screaming it's newly found 'Drought Free' status all while rocking a very fashionable 'NH Rocks!' baseball cap.

In all seriousness, last year's drought was the worst in decades for New Hampshire and our Drought Map has NEVER gone through such a tumultuous stretch of time since it's inception in the year 2000.

Hopefully, this summer the weather we'll be back to normal and any future attempts I make in animating our map will just be entirely based upon nonsense.

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