It's between the Fishercats AMAZING 'Quadruple B' Burrito (and some sad burger from New York) you only have a few hours left to vote! Please vote here!

Photo Credit - MILB
Photo Credit - MILB

The FOUR B's of Quadruple stand for 'B'ackyard 'B'BQ wrapped in a 'B'urrito 'B'lanket.

I guess they didn't count the other B in BBQ but HEY! they're in the Championship round so, what do I know?

Whenever The Shark has done any event with The NH Fishercats they ALWAYS treat us like royalty and their food is always fantastic. It'll be so cool to see them hit this culinary Home Run with Bush's Baked Beans.

Voting is so easy, even a non-Millennial like myself can do it! Make sure you click the heart in the lower left hand corner of the square that features the Quadruple B Burrito. A screen will pop up that has you enter a few of your vital statistics (no burrito bots please!) and then hit send and you're all set!

Voting ends tonight (6/20) Keep your fingers crossed!

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