Just look at the sun shining upon the brilliant Navy Blue flag of The Granite State. The USS Raleigh is once again upright and sailing into the hopeful and boundless waters of Freedom.

Train Images
Train Images

This of course is the flowery way for me to proclaim to the world that I have finally corrected my error from months ago.

I redisinverted the flag (not a real word) and thankfully Mother Nature obliged me with a healthy breeze today so I could capture the results of my work and provide Shark Nation with proper inspirational content.

'Nautically speaking, flying your NATION'S flag upside down is the international sign that your VESSEL is in distress. Perhaps we could infer that flying the STATE flag upside down indicates that the STATE is in distress?' - Richard from Facebook

Once I read this possible translation of proper flag protocol from Richard on Facebook, I realized that I better flip things back out of 'distress'.

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